May 13, 2022

3 Signs of a Good NFT Project & the Road to VeeCon

3 Signs of a Good NFT Project & the Road to VeeCon

Bill Spata and Crisco Kidd introduce MINTS podcast; in this episode they explain what it's about, its purpose, how it will be used, and what and who to expect in future episodes. Plus, they give a glimpse of what's to come at VeeCon along with the next episode featuring Gary Vee where they share three major signs to look for in a solid NFT project.

Disclaimer: The podcast does not offer financial advice.

For guests and future opportunities.

Disclaimer: The podcast does not offer financial advice.

Crisco KiddProfile Photo

Crisco Kidd

CMO of DevTeamSix

Crisco Kidd, is an Internationally renowned Radio/TV personality, DJ, producer, and remixer. As creator and host of the Crisco Kidd Block Party, since 1999, he has worked with and done work for Pitbull, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diplo & Skrillex, Rick Ross, Baby Bash, Ty Dolla $ign, Flo Rida, Common, and more in music and has been featured or hosted shows on NBC, MTV, MTV Tr3s, BET, FUSE, the CW Network plus, a multitude of online platforms.

Having been an influential voice, tastemaker, and award-winning talent in Houston, Albuquerque, Dallas, So-Cal, and currently in Phoenix, you can now catch him on weekends as lead host on SiriusXM's Pitbull's Globalization, giving him a weekly audience of 4 million and growing.

He is also Chief Media Officer/Director of Content at DevTeamSix.

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Bill Spata

Bill Spata, CEO of DevTeamSix, is an innovative leader, speaker, and creator whose mission is to build advanced technology that simplifies the crypto user’s experience. With over 15 years of experience in building and scaling successful businesses in many verticals, and seeing a need to streamline the buying process of crypto, Bill and Eric Andersen created DevTeamSix.

DevTeamSix is building blockchain technology for real life use cases. The team’s goal is building monetary infrastructure in underdeveloped countries that will encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to stimulate economic growth. By creating a charity aspect to the tokenomics, we are fueling the mission of making an impact across all nations.